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Sai as an Anorak
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Date:2003-09-30 17:42

I've got my ticket for the KISS/Aerosmith concert in Selma Tx (5 mins far from SA) It is a pretty good seat... 8th line, orchesta level, which means I will be 8 rows far from Gene, How cool is that?? :))... Now I gtg SQL class is starting...

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Date:2003-09-10 18:06
Mood: cold

Hello, Sai here... I haven't been updating this livejournal thing. Last night Amanda wanted a code and now here I am erasing old entries and stuff. I'll be back soon.

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Date:2003-01-14 17:24
Mood: sleepy

I'm in my first day in the Oracle class... geez, I wish it was earlier than 5PM ... I'm getting sleepy... very sleepy and I have to work until 10 PM and tomorrow at 9AM. Btw, Bivi, if you're readind this, can you come by HV after your 8 AM class??
Well I have to go, Mr Ruiz is here.

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Date:2003-01-12 15:20
Subject:Back to school...
Mood: enthralled

Tomorrow will be the first class day of the Spring semester. It's cold and raining outside. It's warm and sunny inside. ;D

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Date:2002-12-08 11:51
Subject:J'entend ton coeur
Mood: amused

Hi there.

This is the first msg in my new journal. As some of you know I used to have another in spanish with my stupid writings. I decided to make a change, and here it is... Hope you enjoy it!

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