Sai as an Anorak


The real Sai is:

No longer minor, allergic to purple, a Hello Kitty's stuff collector, afraid of Japanese girls, psychologist's apostate, tea drinker, a Linux user, Roger Waters alter ego, The Simpsons freak, a Hard & Prog Rocker, an Anorak (see H's definition), Gabriel's Padawan, a Cartesian rationalist, a full time student, and a Computer geek.

Sai's Hobbies and Interests are:

Writing, tutoring, studying and reading philosophy, anthropology and sociology, learning from life and experience, collecting Tulips and pictures of tulips, rejecting green clothing, listing to Marillion and Pink Floyd then end up thinking that their music can make me feel happy, skating, watching tv, searching in Google, reading Mexican newspapers and judge the letters to the editor, reading Piers Paul Read's book "Alive!" daily, checking Carlitos Miguel's website when he is giving a conference.

Sai's Favorite Things are:

Philosophy books, Progressive and Hard Rock music, computers, Linux (Mandrake, Debian, Red Hat), tulips, yogurt ice cream, Raúl, Latin American culture, Hello Kitty, Gardening, Clinique, Computers with Linux, Gabriel Marcel,Chardonnay, Phenomenology, Seinfeld, Tom Sholz's solos, Pink Floyd, Marillion, Steve Hogarth's personality, animal-free food, Crème brulée, poblano pepper, Autumm,Earl Gray, Halloween, New Year's eve, Green color(except in clothing).

-- "Anorak's Description, by Steve Hogarth --

It occurred to me about a year ago watching "Never Mind The Buzzcocks," or something like that, that we're starting to live in a 'take the piss' culture, and that having a cheap shot or ripping the piss out of somebody has become a national sport in this country, and all the easy targets are people who believe in something and have a passion. Our fans are the easiest people in the world to point the finger at and call anoraks, and the thing about these guys that are sitting there - the Mark Lamarrs and the Angus Deaytons of the world - whether you love or hate them, is that they never actually stand up and declare what they believe in themselves, because if they were to do that, then everybody else would point and laugh at them.
So really to declare a passion is to expose yourself to ridicule, and I personally would much rather have a world full of people that were passionate and believed in something and cared about something, than a load of two-dimensional types who stood around smirking and pointing at other people. I really just wanted to say, "We know you're all anoraks, and there's nothing wrong with it! We're anoraks too!"
The point of the title "Anoraknophobia" was no fear of it. Anorak no phobia.

March 2001